Technical questions

We are constantly working to improve our promotional tools, as we understand that the quality of our promotional materials directly related to the benefit and convenience of our affiliate program for each participant. At the moment, you can get texts, direct affiliate links - simple and in the form of animated banners, To obtain the specific code of a particular material you need to go to the "Promotional materials" and click on "Get the code", select the needed tracker in a menu there and the code for its promotional material will be generated. If you are not satisfied with the existing advertising content - we are ready to create it in a relatively short period of time with the orientation to your audience. Contact our managers to get further details. We'll respond as soon as possible.

Hits - the number of clicks on referral links.

Hosts - the number of unique visitors or users.

It is important - hits are counted as the full loads of the web page after the click.

If the user quits the middle of the transition to the website or immediately after reaching the page, the hit is not counted.

Therefore, sometimes the number of clicks in a third-party system may be bigger than in ours (a third-party system counts ALL clicks, we are only with the download of a web page).

Regs - the number of registrations of players.

Gamers - the number of active players for that day.

Rounds - the number of rotations (spins).

Deposits - the amount of player deposits in US dollars.

Withdraws - the sum of money player withdrawn from the project.

Qualified players - only for CPA programs. The number of players who have qualified (fulfilled the conditions for obtaining a CPA).

Net Gaming - casino net income, excluding commissions and casino promo.

Betting - column is responsible for the section of sports betting on the project. Column displays net gaming for Betting.

Casino Promo - bonuses or any promo that a player receives on the project.

NGR - project income

Partner Income is your affiliate income.

If you need a custom banner or a new review for the site, you can order them from us.

You can order a promo by contacting us by mail, in the messenger in your account, via Skype or Telegram.

Before ordering:

  • check if there is a suitable promo in the existing promo available to everyone
  • Make a minimal description of the promo, if this is a banner - specify size, if this is an article - specify the number of characters in it.
  • Think about precisely what materials you need - human resources are limited, so it’s better to minimize the amount of work.

Referral links can lead not only to the main page and the registration form but also to any internal page of the project. For example, to a demo game:

You need to copy the name of the demo game and paste it into the URL of your referral link

Cookies stored for 30 days.

SEO sites, PPC (GoogleAdwords, Yandex.Direct), newsletters, applications, display advertising (teasers, banners, calicanders / popunder), SMM, YouTube streams | Twitch

In our Affiliate Program, referral links are not adaptive for targeting - the casino language for a player is NOT automatically selected upon transition.

Each geo needs their own referral link.

Postback (aka pingback, server to server pixel (s2s pixel) or cookie-less tracking) is a mechanism that allows the affiliate program to transfer conversion data to your tracker.

A Postback can be created for any promotional material on the last stage of its creation or in the settings of the promotional material from the subsection "Promo Archives".

You can create a postbask for the next events:

1. Registration

2. First deposit

3. Deposit

4. CPA qualification

5. Partner income per day (is send once per day)

Partner income parameter is connected to the affiliate link, not to each player.

Postbacks support an unlimited number of parameters for postback links. If a partner needs some other options except transaction_id, he can use a referral link as following:


In this case the subid ("promo" parameter) will be parsed and parameters “foo” and “item” will be transferred to the postback. The postback link will look as following:


An unlimited number of key and value pairs is allowed, the only limitation is the length of the entire  subid string as it should be no more than 255 characters.

Short instruction

Example URL for the registration event:


Where in {transaction_id} will be subid parameter transferred to an affiliate link.

Example URL for the deposit event:


Where in {transaction_id} will be subid transferred to an affiliate link; the deposit amount will be transferred to {amount}.

Example URL for the First deposit event:


Where in {transaction_id} will be subid transferred to an affiliate link; the First deposit amount will be transferred to {amount}.

Example of the affiliate link:


The partner puts the parameter that he needs for the Postback to the {transaction_id}

The permissible length of {transaction_id} is 255 characters.

If you see a negative deposit - the player was returned his money.

It usually happens if he played under a banned country or because of fraud attempts.

Accordingly, the total deposit for the player will be zero.