Earn up to $500 for each player with CPA program

General information

The CPA commission allows earning the fixed price for all the invited players. The terms of payment and the fixed price for a single player are determined individually for each Partner. Fraud, spam and incent traffic are forbidden.The price for each player may vary from $50 to $1000 depending on specific program, partner’s traffic quality and terms of payment for a player.

Please note, that the trigger for receiving CPA is the minimum deposit of the amount agreed within the deal between Partner and Affiliate Program and the performance of at least one game action (round/bet/spin, etc.).

CPA types & programs

CPA BaseLine

According to this CPA type, Partner can earn up to $500 for a single player. Partner gets payment after an NDP’s total amount of deposits reaches $100. Trigger can be reached in any accounting period and is unlimited in time.

New! EU and Asia CPA

Geo-targeted CPA program for EU and Asian are:

The total amount of the deposits must be not less than $20
The player must make a following days' deposit. It means that in addition to the first qualifying deposit, the player must make at least one more deposit on the next or following days. The new day begins at 00:00 GMT + 0.

New! Hybrid model

Hybrid model presupposes that affiliate’s payment consists of both CPA fixed payment and RevShare percentage. Standard reward is CPA $100 + RevShare 25%. Trigger for CPA part is $15.

How to apply?

A requirement for any CPA program is to have at least 20 players in the Partner account. To apply for a CPA deal, please follow these steps:
1. Make sure that there are at least 20 players in your account
2. Please contact support by any convenient means
3. Provide detailed information on the traffic sources and agree individual terms of participation
4. Wait until the information is verified
5. You will be informed in writing about the program activation for you.

Termination of the CPA Agreement

The agreement can be terminated under the following circumstances:

Fraud (i.e multi-accounts, incent traffic, abnormal percentage of bonus hunters etc)
Traffic low quality (i.e. non-typically large percentage of players who do not return to the project after qualification on CPA)
In case of fraud, Affiliate Program stops CPA immediately and blocks Partner's balance due to this cause for an unlimited period after detection of the fraudulent activity. In case of traffic low quality, Affiliate Program informs Partners about the termination of the CPA agreement the day before termination. If Partners does not answer, the income of the partner (i. e. payments for the New Depositing players that came after termination) will be recalculated according to the terms of RevShare commission model.