Results of the contest "Highroller hunting season"

29 May 2015
Results of the contest "Highroller hunting season"

Dear partners!

We're glad to congratulate all the participants of the "Highroller hunting season" and to thank for their active participation! Your efforts have surpassed all our expectations and will be deservedly rewarded: all payouts will be made till 04/06/2015.

Below you can see a list of participants who took top places. The detailed report on the competition can be found here
It is necessary to note that the numbers are not final as they will undergo antifraud check. Especially this point of the competition rules: "Players with multi-accounts will be distinguished after the end of the competition and will not be taken into account, which means they will not influence partners' winning." 
If multi-account players will be found the funds will be shared in equal parts amongst the participants of the competition

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