Hot RevShare

01 Dec 2023
Hot RevShare

To celebrate the launch of our new brand Ramenbet, we've prepared a special promotion for all our partners. Start your journey with Ramenbet and enjoy a 50% RevShare for an entire year!


Benefits of Ramenbet:



Promotion Terms:


  1. Contact our managers through any convenient communication channel and let them know you want to start working with Ramenbet
  2. Make a deal and receive a 50% RevShare for 1 year*
  3. To activate the promotional 50% RevShare you need to bring 1 player to Ramenbet
  4. Meet a simple KPI of 10 FTDs per calendar month**

You can join the promotion in any month within the specified promotional period. For example, a partner who begins working with Ramenbet in the middle of the promotion and brings in 10 or more FTDs every month will receive 50% RevShare for the remaining six months of the promotion.


*The one-year period is calculated from the date of the brand's launch 2023/12/01. The last day of the promotion is 2024/11/31.

** If there is an insufficient number of FTDs, the "Hot RevShare" personal option will be automatically suspended. For discussions on terms that deviate from the standard, please contact the affiliate program support.

*** For motivated/fraudulent traffic, exclusion from the promotion and strained relations with managers may occur.



The number of new players attracted to Ramenbet affects the dynamic revenue share scale for Casino-X and Joycasino.


RAMENBET -  will warm not only your body but also your wallet.