2020 Year Results

30 Dec 2020
2020 Year Results


Dear partners,



It was not an easy year for all of us and for each individual. 2020 has changed the way of life, the economy and the relationship between people.


During this year, we have experienced all 5 stages from denial to acceptance, learned how to wear masks correctly and appreciate when you and your loved ones are stay healthy.


More than six months of isolation passed for everyone in different ways - someone took an online course, adopted a cat or learned how to cook barely anything. Others set up a website, started streaming, or tried media-buying. Someone just felt proud that they survived. While others earned their first million :)

We would like to share our main news for the outgoing year:


·      Projects have grown across the CIS, Japan and Norway


·      Partners received 40% more profits than in 2019


·      Held 3 stream marathons, paid $ 870,000 in prize money


·      Visited the London affiliate conference again and filmed a video review


·      Participated in the first major virtual conference Sigma Virtual Conference


·      We issued more than 1000 bonus codes to partners


·      We also made a ton of headers for Youtube, banners, pictures for Twitter and other goodies for partners


·      Added payment systems Capitalist, as well as crypto - Bitcoin, Ethereum for partner payments


·      Added payment system MuchBetter for payments on projects


·      Streamers made top wins, such as x36000 multiplier in Dead or Alive 2


·      Conducted a top integration with Khovansky and Korniy in Russia


·      We have given away over one and a half million dollars in prize money in tournaments on projects.


In 2021, we hope to see improvements for everyone.

Let +1 year give you x10 more reasons for joy, more fun, and more profits.


Happy holidays from

PoshFriends team