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For a long time we were preparing you a gift for the New Year. We were discussing, debating, drawing and generating ideas all together. Programmers and designers, managers and QAs were working on it. Finally it is ready and we decided to give it right away, without waiting for the holidays.

Now Posh has a system of achievements with cash bonuses!

In the main menu it is marked by stars. Try to create a  reflink now to get your first achievement. Ready? Now you see it at the bottom right side on the home page, and on the page with the achievements it became colorful.

While you unlock new achievements, you will receive cash bonuses immediately on your balance. They will be paid out along with the affiliate commission. Note that the start date is December 20, 2016, achievements are not accrued for the past track. If you have any questions or comments - please write, we’re glad for any feedback!