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Dear partners,

June is almost over; it passed very fast for us because of work. On the other hand, we have lots of news for you. Let’s try to make a short summary:

1. We are going to Amsterdam! This time we are without a stand, so we are ready for any meetings and adventures! Write us; we will be glad to meet up. You can contact us via Skype, email or telegram @posh_manager

2. We’ve got a telegram channel to always be in touch with you. We will regularly post useful information, so be sure to subscribe to t.me/poshfriends

3. We added PlayTech to our Chinese project LongBao: a licensed version specifically for the Chinese market. Please note: in order to play the Playtech slot, you need to open a separate wallet in your account.

4. We are preparing a new series of landing pages for different GEOs. Now in progress: Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Moldovan and Uzbek. If you want to have some others, please, get in touch.

5. Better late than never: thanks to everyone who met us at a conference in Moscow! It was great; you all are cool and wonderful!


Always yours,

PoshFriends team